Our Story

Detroit Proud, Mexico Rooted

Mangonadas del Barrio was born from the Hernandez Martinez family who has since created their own American dream. From selling mangos on a street corner, to learning about the mouthwatering dessert of mangonadas, we have grown our business into the must stop shop for Mexican flavors! Primarily focused on delicious snacks and desserts, the traditional flare is in every bite. 

I, Antonio Hernadez (my friends call me Tony) started on the mangonadas journey back in 2008 with humble beginnings. At a time when I was unemployed, I had to figure out how to provide for my family. A friend had offered me to buy a palate of mangos. Unsure of what to do, I took the risk and set up on a street corner with all of the mangoes. Within two hours, almost the entire palate was sold, and I decided to take the last case to my neighbors – that’s when everything changed. My neighbor turned those mangoes into mangonadas, a delectable, frozen blend of mango, sorbet, and traditionally, chili powder. I decided to take this treat to the local flea market to sell. 

The first day at the flea market, people were only interested in buying the freezer I had the mangonadas in. When I was about to pack up and give up, I tried one more tactic. I had my family members walk around the market with the treats. This caught everyone’s attention! I immediately had a line and sold out. 

Fast forward to 2011 and my family opened our first storefront. We have made our mark in Detroit by being the first to bring authentic Mexican flavors and unique frozen treats to the area.

A core value of our business is staying connected to our community. From day 1, we’ve partnered with youth baseball teams, churches, and others. We strive every day to be a place where families, children, and tourist alike can come to enjoy a perfect snacks. 

We have now grown to multiple locations throughout Detroit and added new menu items like hot cheetos con queso, banana splits, and our unique ‘Doriloco’. In the coming months, we plan to expand the menu by adding meal options including: tacos, burritos, and other Mexican dishes. 

Our family has lived the American Dream, all thanks to our incredible customers and one humble fruit. Come taste these spectacular treats for yourself!

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